Thursday, March 27, 2014

Sketchy Soup

Tonight, after a couple days of brainstorming- I got my first sketch out of my noggin for my BSBP design. 

Last year I attempted an embroidered piece for the first time, sewing directly onto the leather. That was a big mistake, and my fingers really took a beating! Because of the difficulty stitching the beads on, my original design was almost lost. I still love the result, but would like more control over placement this time around.
Here is the result from last year's Bead Soup Blog Party:

Egyptian Revival Bib Necklace

This year I bought some interfacing at the fabric shop and will be using that to stitch  the designs on to. I will then back the interfacing with a nice soft leather. I want to embed wire in between the layers for the ability to make loops stick out to connect the pieces. We will see how practical that idea will be!
I'm happy with this first draft and will be sharing peeks into my progress. The full reveal date will be on May 3rd! 

Note* Bead Embroiderers- feel free to send me tips in the comments!


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