Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Re Opening

I just reopened shop after a long hiatus spent with my family.

We were considering a household move but all arrows pointed at staying put and building on what we've started here in our cozy nook of the world.
Being a plant lover, I have been busy planning flower beds and starting seeds. Preparing for new beginnings in many ways.

I had hoped to bust back out onto the bead scene with multiple new designs flying into the shop. My life moves a lot slower in reality than it does in my mind though, and those beady ideas are still hiding out in my sketchbook. They are standing patiently in line while I adjust my life to make time for them.

A wise woman dear to my heart gave me some advice that I always have to remind myself of when I feel behind in my business goals. She said "Your children are only young once, your ideas for creations can wait. Your business will be there when they don't want to play anymore."

My littlest monkey
This is the last summer before my youngest peanut starts school. Each moment will be precious. I truly love the bead making trade, the community and the artwork. I will be open for business but not working custom orders until this year's winter months. That will ensure time for filling orders promptly and play time with family. Custom work is satisfying and exciting and will never leave my list of offerings entirely.

So here's to spring and blooming and balancing.
Come by the shop if you can, I've missed you.

Xoxo, Mamacita



  1. looking forward to your posts! love your creations (and that garden looks wonderful )

    1. Thank you! Looking forward to sharing and growing in the blogosphere :)

  2. Good luck in your new endeavors! And yes, your children are only young once, and they grow up sooo fast! Enjoy every minute!

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