Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Actual Factual Sale ~ May 24th-31st

  So here's the scoop as of late!
I'm brewing up a sale...
It's called an Actual Factual Sale.
Because only Actual Factual,
 currently cast inventory
will be on sale~
I have always offered casting to order but soon all of my casting equipment will be unavailable as it makes a short and quite complicated trip. It will be moving from my damp shed studio to my new, super awesome, custom built area of The Man's garage.

 Don't be frightened, we will be adding walls and barriers so no 'man space' will be intruded on thus riling up the Man.*

What I will be doing to get ready for this special sale is adjusting my inventory numbers to reflect the Actual Factual quantities.

When the sale launches, all items listed (and only items listed) will be 20% off. For a week!
               A whole seven days!
I will be shipping as fast as the orders come in.

This sale will take place on the full moon- the 24th of May, and last until the 31st of May.

I will be listing everything I have cast right now, some items are experimental and some are just plain odd, but all will be 20% off.

Here are some pictures of my inventory drawers to whet your whistle. That's right, I'm letting you take a peek inside my drawers.
You may see some familiar items and some other bits. The only things not included will be custom work.

I hope you will join me on May 24th for my Actual Factual Sale!
 Until my studio is reset and in functioning order, this will be my only inventory. I know it will be set up before the winter but construction will be taking place throughout the summer months and I cannot guarantee the building speed of The Man.

* The Man really is harmless. He is a sweetie and it is my job to tease him whenever we're not smooching. Don't report him to animal control, please!


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